About us:

Innovation. Be Different. Our core values strike upon creating the ultimate luxury fragrances. Sweet and flavoursome; irresistible smells From manufacturing to the end design, Teebalhoor is focused on producing new powerful aromas.

How is this achieved?

A strong team of smell enthusiasts combine our secret formula to provide fresh innovative aromas built into new packaging methods that create the overall luxury experience for you.


Vision Statement:

Aroma is what makes us. Our Vision is to enhance aromatic behaviour between peers. If you have a nose, you're entitled to aromatic therapy.


Mission Statement:

Teebalhoor’s passion is to influence the introduction of innovative flavoursome fragrances. A new player in the busy industry, however a player with the motive to demonstrate excellence in innovation. A new way to appreciate loved aromas. Fragrances are built in house using our secret formula, by our dedicated group of smell enthusiasts. We don’t stop here. Our core values are innovation, therefore we ensure this effect from manufacturing to packaging, to the way we create our products, to the way you use our products.